Because it’s more beautiful

this way, without words,

without breathing.  Each


leafpetal sleeps frozen

in silicates.  I halfwatch

years glide by, think the same


mindnumbing loop:

i am. i am.   i.   am.

                              i am bloom


wither.  dry.  bloomwitherdry

                                              broken. but

wait.  watch.  free.  freefall.


crash           melt

          petal         dewdrops.

gone.  i    thinkmovefeel


if only i can       standsingbreathe

enough of    you        herenow, before

it’s too late, before I


drown in liquid glass

slow cooling, recast.  Too,

flawless, this blanket of light,


squeezing away my air.

Centuries form beads, roll

off my/our forehead.


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