Cut from 2005 Winter Portfolio


Third Grade

The children played—
formed a circle and kicked
the ball to each other.

The ball could not keep
track of feet, too deflated
to groan, only glad that
recess would soon end.


Son of a Second

neither of us asked to be
             even so i'll take saw
prune down our tree

decapitation promotes
lateral shoots — we are
all but symptoms

listen, spawn of a first
wife — he’s my father too

i am the misfolded
protein you ate last night.
give me a decade or two—


Half the Marriages

The Tang Horse galloped
off my shelf. A tricolor heap.
I thought of trying

rubber cement or nails or welding.
I kick a ceramic shard;
this floor will end me.

Hide the pieces in
the bathroom sink but the space
on the shelf still stares.


A Matter of Perspective

This little piggy was a capitalist.
This little piggy got domesticated.

This little piggy acquired bovine
spongiform encephalitis.
This little piggy was vegan.

This little piggy was a wimpy-assed
crybaby who reaffirmed
his sub-serf status by
returning to domestication
and eventual consumption
resulting in multiple
cases of human
spongiform encephalitis.


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